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Konjac Beauty Sponge

Konjac Beauty Sponge


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100% Natural & Biodegradable
Handmade Konjac Fibre
Ancient Japanese Beauty Secret

Gently exfoliates to bring out the natural glow of your skin for a more beautiful face.
The Japanese believe Konjac is highly effective against acne causing bacteria and will help balance the PH of the skin.
Natural moisturiser and no need to use soap or cleanser.
Recommended for people with hypersensitive or problem skin.
A Japanese beauty secret that brings out the best of you.

Please note.

This sponge is hard in the packet. After soaking in water the natural sponge quality of the Konjac is enabled and it will become soft .


Rinse in warm water and allow sponge to soak up water.
Gently massage the face to clean the skin, no soap or cleanser is required.
After each use gently squeeze out the water and hang up to dry.
Replace every 2-3 months.