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Cosy in the Coop

Cosy in the Coop

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Cosy in the Coop 

Sassy Chickens Designed by Taira Nisa 

Beautiful, Chicken Themed, Handmade Seasonal Greeting Card

Designed & made by the talented Taira Nisa, inspired by her very own pet chickens !!

Each card comes in A6 size with handmade, colourful envelope 

High quality,  hand designed using gel pens, markers and fine line markers inkjet printed onto 300gsm recyclable card

Sassy chickens was inspired by a small flock of free range, completely crazy, sassy hens owned by Taira in her Staffordshire garden...

"They're such a huge source of entertainment, especially during the lockdown period when we're here all the time and really get to see their personalities as individual hens.

I've always drawn, painted, sketched and created ever since I could remember, so I decided to create little doodles of them and caption the things that it looked like they would be saying or thinking.

That's where Sassy Chickens was born

I've not shared much of my art with the world up until now as far as I can remember and so many people enjoyed seeing the chickens being themselves on Instagram on my gardening page @thegirlgardener, so it encouraged me to share what I can do, along with my other artworks, and it all went from there

Taira's work celebrates her small flock of hens as well as people of all walks of life, colours and cultures. Her growing portfolio is exciting, spirited and fun, and she turns her creations into cute cards and art prints, which she creates in her little art studio

"Everyone can relate, no one is left behind"

You can find @sassychickens on Instagram